Solo Biz Guide Mission

The Mission of Solo Biz Guide is to help Solopreneurs and other small business owners with Planning, Process and Promotion of their Lifestyle Business.

What does that mean?

I believe that everyone must own their own career and work life.

For some people, that means doing a job for a company and a boss that they respect. Nothing wrong with that!  But that's not for everyone, for various reasons.

Sometimes, flexibility, autonomy and/or passion are more important than monetary success or managerial rank. If that's the case, then I believe a lifestyle business is the way to go.

My goal with Solo Biz Guide is to provide lifestyle business entrepreneurs with the tools they need to be successful in planning their businesses, running their day-to-day operations, and acquiring customers (aka sales and marketing).

About Me

My name is Joanna Lees.

Over the past 26 years, I've worked with hundreds of small companies, from "mom and pop" shops to shoot-for-the-stars tech startups to solo consultants.  I spent 15 years in corporate America managing partner marketing and consulting programs for a Fortune 100 tech firm, and I've spent the past decade working my own "lifestyle business" in consulting, freelancing and e-commerce.

During that time, I've had hands-on experience working with business owners (and being one myself) who are trying to grow a business using other people's measures of success: money, influence, power, size... But is that really the right goal for every business?


Drop me a line at JoLeesSolutions @ gmail.com

Through my own solopreneur journey, I have come to realize that "success = individual happiness" is a much better measure (at least, for me). So for me, a lifestyle business is the right choice, with emphasis on the things that I value: flexibility, autonomy, and leaving time for nature walks and hobbies.

About JoLees Solutions

My own solo business JoLees Solutions focuses in three spheres that I love: 

1. Helping other lifestyle business owners plan and grow their businesses

2. Delivering freelance marketing consulting services

3. Running my own home & garden ecommerce business, Kazoo Decor

This website is built and managed using the website building and hosting tool Solo Build It! (which, by the way, I highly recommend - check out my SBI review here). I hope you enjoy the site, and are able to apply the information and insights to building your own lifestyle business.